2014 Ford Focus,  auto, 47k miles, hatchback, light front nd damage, Easy fix
$3,900 (as is)

2010 Subaru Impreza, AWD ,ONLY 35k miles, 4CYL, light side damage, loaded, 
$5,500 (as is WITH PARTS same color)

2009 Chrysler Town and Country

auto, 6cyl, 81K miles, stow-n-go, loaded, power sliders, light damage, runs and drives

$3,600 (as is)

2011 Subaru Legacy, AWD,79k miles, 4CYL, light REAR damage, loaded, 
$4,000 (as is)

2014 Ford Focus ST, 47k miles, 6 speed manual, leather, sporty, light rear end damage. 
$6,500  (as is WITH PARTS!)



2008 Chrysler Sebring Convert, (hard top), ONLY 37K miles, fully loaded, very light front end damage, runs and drives fine
$3,100  (as is)

2009 Hyundai Sonata

auto, 4cyl, 68K miles, loaded,  light front damage, runs and drives

$2,800 (as is)



​​2008 Hyundai Santefe AWD, low miles, maroon

2014 Ford Focus ST 6 speed, black, low miles

2015 Buick Encore AWD, brown, loaded to max, like new.


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